Scarf Hold External Shoulder Lock

Premium Service

What You Get

Exclusive 1-on-1 training with Brian
Fully customizable training
Any topic you want:
Martial Arts
Specific Applications
Pain Relief Sessions
Fat Loss Coaching
1 day per week $300 monthly
2 days per week $440 monthly
3 days per week $540 monthly
* Single sessions & packages available

* Contact Brian for schedule & availability

Safe Environment to Learn Martial Arts

This is where most people go for private training

What You Get

Get the benefits of Private Instruction with reduced cost
Train with a small group of 1 – 3 comrades
Join one of our existing Shared Private time slots or start your own.
Great for families, friends, co-workers, or teams
Great for new people who want a private training experience
1 day per week $200 monthly
2 days per week $300 monthly
3 days per week $400 monthly

* Contact Brian for schedule & availability

Reality-Based Martial Arts Class PLUS Add-On Class to Build a Muscular Lean Athletic Body

What You Get

Jeet Kune Do Classes plus
Build a lean athletic muscular body
Look as tough as you are becoming
Broad shoulders & muscular arms
Bullet-proof joints
Eliminate aches & pains

$200 per month
Best Value

* see class schedule

We are cool people

Reality-Based Martial Arts Class

What You Get

Realistic Martial Arts training
Laid-back fun environment
Community of like-minded people to improve with & encourage each other
A new more bad-*ss YOU

$150 per month

* see class schedule

Jeet Kune Do Classes

Relaxed… Chill… Fun… Effective Training…

I understand that starting a new class, especially martial arts, can be intimidating. That is why we want to make sure your experience as a new person is a good one.

Join Our JKD Class If:

  • You want to become the best fighter you can be
  • You want to be prepared for any situation that you might face
  • You are a respectful, moral, and kind person

Don’t Join Our JKD Class If:

  • You want belts, uniforms, board breaking, katas, etc.
  • Fancy technique is more important to you than what really works
  • You are a jerk, full of ego, are looking to hurt people, want to dominate your classmates (we do not tolerate this at all)

Class Schedule

Wednesdays & Fridays 6:00pm – 7:30pm
* Beginner-friendly classes

If you would like more information then read our FAQ on Jeet Kune Do Classes

Both JKD & Kettlebell Fitness Classes

If you are learning to fight why not get a lean, mean, athletic, muscular build at the same time with our kettlebell add-on class.

Also called “Train with Brian” classes because you actually workout along-side Brian doing the same or similar workout that he uses to build muscle, strength, and healthy joints.

Join Our Kettlebell Fitness Class If:

  • You want to have a muscular, lean, & athletic body to be proud of
  • You desire pain-free bullet-proof joints
  • And you want to possess the best body at the pool.

Add on class to the Jeet Kune Do class for only $50 more per month.

For the cost of some McDojo martial arts class you can get our Jeet Kune Do & Kettlebell Fitness Classes!

Class Schedule

Wednesdays & Fridays 7:30pm – 8:30pm – immediately after the JKD Classes which are 6:00pm – 7:30pm. Optional Monday 1:00pm class available as well.
* Beginner-friendly classes

If you would like more information then read our FAQ on Kettlebell Fitness Classes

Shared Private Instruction

Shared Private Training is just that. Private instruction that you share with another person (or maybe 2 or 3).

As my time is in high demand and my calendar is quite full I wanted to find a way to teach more people and help them save a little money in the process and that is where sharing private instruction comes in.

Another added benefit is that you get a partner, a comrade in arms to help you grow and to hold each other accountable to showing up and to cheer each other on in your progress.

Brian is working along side you the whole time so you get the benefits of Private Instruction along with having a different person to train with all at a lower price than Exclusive VIP Private Instruction.

Shared Private Training Times

Shared Private Training times are limited. The few openings will be in the afternoons Monday – Saturday.

You can join one of our current Shared Private training crews already in progress. Or if you start one in your own time-slot (by yourself at first) another person may be added in the future.

For example: you schedule Wednesdays at noon and it is just you. If a future client would also like Wednesdays at noon then the two of you will be sharing that time slot. If you do not want to share private instruction then Exclusive VIP Private Instruction is for you. See that section below.

* Shared Private training is meant to be regular ongoing training, once, twice, or three times per week. If you are looking for just a few lessons here or there then Exclusive VIP Private Instruction is for you. See that section below.

* Shared-Private is Beginner-friendly

You can also start your own Semi-Private training crew with your friends, family, or if you are part of a team that needs to train together. I have worked with security teams, airline crews, and more.

Exclusive VIP Private Instruction

Train 1-on-1 exclusively with Brian.

I get it, some people just want the VIP treatment or don’t want anyone else around for their training time. That is what Exclusive VIP Private Instruction is for.

Additionally some people have special needs that are better addressed privately than with another person around.

Training can be tailored to cover any of the following:

  • Jeet Kune Do / Rapid Assault Tactics
  • Specific Martial Arts training such as just boxing, kickboxing, firearms training including shooting range instruction, knife combat, etc.
  • Fat Loss Coaching
  • Pain Relief for chronic issues
  • Strength, muscle, and athletic development
  • General health and wellness coaching

*** Exclusive VIP Private Training is a premium service and times are very limited. Get in soon.