Many people feel weak, afraid of confrontation, and that they won’t be able to defend themselves. At Progressive Combat Systems we teach reality-based martial arts that turns good people like you into dangerous good people. 
Brian Copeland

A Letter to You

Dear future student (and bad-arse),

I was once just like you. I lacked confidence in my ability to deal with the very real possibility of violence that I saw around me. That was the 1990s… things are even worse now.

I took the plunge and trained in every martial art that I could find, some good, some bad. I spent decades of my life figuring out what works so that you don’t have to.

That is why I created Progressive Combat Systems. To help people like you and me learn reality-based martial arts so that you and I can be warriors as we walk through our lives.

Warriors have options. We can deescalate situations, we can run, and we can fight… oh boy can we fight. And at the end of the day we learn to respect the man or woman that we are and not allow people to bully or harm us whether that be physically or psychologically.

Will you let me train you to become a warrior?

Brian Copeland – Creator of Progressive Combat Systems

A Lineage You Can Trust

Bruce Lee training with Dan Inosanto
Bruce Lee taught Dan Inosanto
Paul Vunak training with Dan Inosanto
Dan Inosanto taught Paul Vunak
Seal Team 6 training with Paul Vunak
Paul Vunak created the SEAL Team 6 program and trained them
Paul Vunak training with Brian Copeland
Paul Vunak taught Brian Copeland (me) the same system he taught to SEAL Team 6

Along my journey I have trained with professionally ranked boxers, UFC competitors, Muay Thai champions, full-contact Karate champions, Gracie Jujitsu black belts, US Olympic Judo players, US Olympic Tae Kwon Do medalists, SWAT team trainers and officers, and more.

As you can see above I have had the unique opportunity to personally train with Paul Vunak out of the lineage of Bruce Lee’s school of Jeet Kune Do.

But none of them had everything that I wanted in a martial arts school.

This is where Progressive Combat Systems comes in.

We will teach you to fight on your feet, on the ground, with and against common weapons (knives, handguns, and clubs), and to fight and win against multiple attackers.

Plus we will teach you to manage the fear response, win the pre-fight, and avoid legal issues.

It is time to become the warrior that you were meant to be. Some day can’t be found on the calendar. Let’s get started now.

Professional Education & Experience

  • Progressive Fighting Systems Certified Instructor – trained by Paul Vunak
  • Rapid Assault Tactics Certified Instructor
  • Force Continuum for Law Enforcement Certified Instructor
  • Jeet Kune Do Certified Instructor
  • Advanced Combatives Handgun
  • SWAT 101: Building/Room Clearing
  • RKC Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor – trained by Pavel Tsatsouline
  • Z-Health Level 4 Exercise Therapy Specialist
  • Z-Health 9S Structure
  • Z-Health Movement Reeducation Specialist
  • Z-Health Movement Integration Specialist
  • Z-Health Sports Movement Specialist
  • Visual and Vestibular Integration Specialist
  • Assistant Instructor, Russian Kettlebell Certification Course, October 2007 & June 2009
  • Own and Operates Colorado’s First Kettlebell Training Studio since 2006
  • Sports Nutrition Advisor
Jeet Kune Do Certification
Jeet Kune Do Certification